The Wingframe process

Exactly how and where in the order process can your business save money using Wingframe? Please allow us a few minutes of your time to explain. If you're in a hurry, see summary at the bottom of the page.

Main take-aways

What's going on, what am I suppose to be seeing? If you don't have time for analysing/comparing the flow charts above, you can find the main reasons for using Wingframe in the list below.

No more order “sketches”
With Wingframe airports finally have a specialized, modern and mobile friendly web tool for drawing signs. Airports can draw standards compliant signs and place orders to suppliers in a simple streamlined manner. Win-win for all parties.
Draw and communicate in the same tool
Wingframe comes with easy-to-use collaboration tools which makes it simple for airports and suppliers to communicate and make necessary adjustments to initial sign drawings.
No more “sign guy”
Are you still hiring consultants or employing engineers to manually draw your print material? How about those time consuming grid files with all the measurements? From now on Wingframe can automatically generate these files for you – standards compliant and print ready out of the box!

So what are you waiting for?

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